[Book Review] The Vampire's Vacation (A to Z Mysteries, #22) by Ron Roy

Grab your garlic, Green Lawn! There's a villainous vibe coming from the pale, dark-haired man Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose see int eh supermarket. When they follow him into Ellie's Diner, the stranger vanishes. But there's a cut on Elli's neck--or could it be a bite? Could there really be a vampire in town? And could Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose be his next victims?

It's early August in Green Lawn, and the kids are hanging around town when Josh spots a mysterious stranger. He's very pale, dresses all in black, and slinks out quite suspiciously. Though Dink and Ruth Rose think he's being silly, Josh is convinced this man must a vampire... and when they start running into townspeople with unexplained neck wounds and learn that the man's checked himself into the Shangri La as Dr. A. Cula... well, could it really be possible that Dracula's come to Green Lawn? No, no it couldn't.

If your child is a fan of the Bailey School Kids series, The Vampire's Vacation is the perfect A to Z Mysteries book for them. It plays out quite like one of the Bailey plots, with the mysterious new adult, the child(ren) who becomes convinced that the adult's a monster, the child(ren) who remain skeptical, and the series of suspicious circumstances that make the skeptics doubt their conviction. Unlike, Bailey School Kids, The Vampire's Vacation provides a concrete answer.

It's a fun story that involves and debunks the supernatural. If you have a young chapter book reader in your life who wants to read something about vampires, it's a great choice; it's not exactly frightening, but I'm sure it's at least a bit spooky to very young readers.

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