[Book Review] February Friend (Calendar Mysteries, #2) by Ron Roy

February is for Friend...

It's a Valentine's Day party! When Bradley is passing out his class's valentines, one of them has no name on it. Inside, the card tells the class to look in the closet. When they open the closet door, the kids find a rabbit named Douglas in a cage! What mysterious "friend" left him there? And why?

When the bunny gets sick, it's up to Bradley, Brian, Lucy, and Nate to track down his owner and figure out what is wrong with poor little Douglas.

February Friend is the second Calendar Mysteries book, a quick and cute Valentine's Day story involving a mysterious bunny. Like its predecessor series, A to Z Mysteries, it's a book set in the fictional town of Green Lawn, a place where 1950s small town charm meets the modern world. There's really not much to the story and it's not fascinating literature by any means, but I definitely enjoyed it (though I'm sure it helps that I have such nostalgia for the Green Lawn universe).

I definitely recommend the to young readers and parents reading with their children who aren't quite yet ready to tackle chapter books on their own. If you have a young child that you're thinking of introducing to the Green Lawn universe, I'd say that's the biggest difference between whether you should start with Calendar Mysteries or A to Z Mysteries: how prepared is your child for chapter books? If they've been reading them for a while, I recommend starting with A to Z, which was published first. If they're new to the format, however, I recommend Calendar, which has shorter and tamer mysteries aimed at slightly younger children.

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