[Book Review] July Jitters (Calendar Mysteries, #7) by Ron Roy

July is for Jitters...

It's the Fourth of July in Green Lawn, and the mayor is having a special contest--the person who has the best Independence Day costume gets to be mayor for a day! Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy transform Polly the pony into Thomas Jefferson and Pal the dog into the Declaration of Independence. But when the pet parade rolls around, the animals are nowhere to be found! Maybe they have stage fright. Can the kids find their dressed-up pets and calm them down before the Fourth of July fun begins?

With July Jitters, we're into the second half of the (expected) twelve-book run of the Calendar Mysteries series, and of course the story's about the Fourth of July/Independence Day. The story itself blends elements we've seen before in The Canary Caper--the missing pets--and March Mischief--the town-wide "dress up" contest, though the rules are different this time around.

There's not a lot to say here other than that the book's a fun way to kill a few minutes. It's a short and sweet mystery starring characters I've grown fond of and a setting I've loved since I was a child; though it's certainly nothing shocking and far from being a literary masterpiece, but kids should love it and their parents shouldn't be bored to death.

I definitely recommend checking it out around the Fourth of July itself; it should be a great way to get youngsters into the holiday spirit.

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