[Book Review] September Sneakers (Calendar Mysteries, #9) by Ron Roy

September is for Sneakers...

Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy have taken care of the first-grade class hamster, Goldi, for the summer. But on the first day of school, when they plan to bring her back, Goldi is missing! In place of her cage is a green-and-orange sneaker key chain. Soon, the kids spot green-and-orange sneakers all over Green Lawn. And other things have been disappearing around town, too. Can the found friends track down the sneaker sneak and get Goldi back?

September Sneakers is the ninth Calendar Mysteries book, and another that takes the focus away from monthly holidays--though it does deal with a September-specific theme, of course! In the story, the Hathaway, Pinto, Armstrong, and Duncan kids--along with the rest of Green Lawn--are going back to school! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are now seventh-graders, while the Calendar Mysteries stars, Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy, are moving up to second grade. Though the mystery itself is primarily about the disappearance of Goldi the hamster, it makes a perfect back-to-school story for an elementary schooler.

All the typical strengths and weaknesses of the Calendar Mysteries book continue with this installment, so there's not a lot more to say other than that while I don't harbor the same kind of nostalgia for this series as I do for its predecessor, I still think it's adorable fun and highly recommend it to young readers.

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