[Book Review] April Adventure (Calendar Mysteries, #4) by Ron Roy

April is for Adventure...

It's springtime in Green Lawn, and Bradley, Brian, Lucy, and Nate are on an Easter egg hunt. They search high and low and find lots of eggs. But soon it's clear that some of the eggs aren't just well hidden. They're gone! Who would steal Easter eggs? It's up to the four kids to crack this eggs-cellent case.

April Adventure is an adorable Easter-themed mystery in the Calendar Mysteries series. It's definitely a secular representation of the holiday, so it should be accessible to Christians and non-Christians alike; as long as you're familiar with basic idea of what an egg hunt is, you're covered.

I think it does a pretty good job of capturing the spring season, considering it's only a short chapter book. I definitely recommend it as a spring and/or Easter read; it's a short and simple mystery, but Green Lawn and its characters have definitely earned a place in my heart (though that's more the result of the A to Z Mysteries series than this one).

It's a great book for a young reader, and I recommend the Green Lawn universe to anyone with a budding mystery fan in their lives.

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