What An Animal Reading Challenge VIII 2015: I'm In!

In 2015, Yvonne of Socrates Book Reviews is hosting the What An Animal Reading Challenge. The challenge is simple: read at least six books with an animal (excluding humans) in the title, an animal on the cover, an animal as a major character or plot point in the story, or a main character who is or becomes an animal. And if you'd like, supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, and fairies can count as "animals" for the purposes of the challenge.

There are three levels to the challenge; first, read at least six books; second, read between seven and twelve books; and third, read more than thirteen books. I'm going to be aiming for level two; I hope to read at least twelve books that qualify. Some ideas for what I'll be reading include revisiting several series, including Dimwood ForestAnimal ArkDolphin Diaries, and possibly The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, most books of which should also qualify for the 2015 Hardcore Rereading Challenge.

Interested in joining in? Check it out here!

And here's what I've read for this challenge so far!
30 / 13 (230.77%)
  1. Spaniel in a Stocking (Animal Ark) by Ben M. Baglio
  2. Hamster in the Holly (Animal Ark) by Ben M. Baglio
  3. Terrier in the Tinsel (Animal Ark, #34) by Ben M. Baglio
  4. Riding the Storm (Dolphin Diaries, #3) by Ben M. Baglio
  5. Colt in the Cave (Animal Ark Hauntings, #4) by Ben M. Baglio
  6. Rescue on the Oregon Trail (Ranger in Time, #1) by Kate Messner
  7. Husky with a Heart (Animal Ark) by Ben M. Baglio
  8. Beagle in a Backpack (Animal Ark) by Ben M. Baglio
  9. Santa Paws by Nicholas Edwads
  10. Play Dead (A Dog and His Girl Mysteries, #1) by Jane B. Mason and Sara Hines Stephens
  11. Your Baby's First Word Will be Dada by Jimmy Fallon
  12. Goodnight, Already! by Jor John and Benji Davies
  13. The Magic Spell (My Secret Unicorn, #1) by Linda Chapman
  14. Dreams Come True (My Secret Unicorn, #2)  by Linda Champman
  15. Flying High (My Secret Unicorn, #3) by Linda Chapman
  16. Starlight Surprise (My Secret Unicorn, #4) by Linda Chapman
  17. Stronger Than Magic (My Secret Unicorn, #5) by Linda Chapman
  18. A Special Friend (My Secret Unicorn, #6) by Linda Chapman
  19. A Winter Wish (My Secret Unicorn, #7) by Linda Chapman
  20. Under the Stars (Dolphin Diaries, #4) by Ben M. Baglio 
  21. I'm Not by Pam Smallcomb
  22. The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye by Jane Yolen
  23. Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates
  24. Dog Loves Counting Louise Yates
  25. Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh by Sally M. Walker
  26. If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson
  27. Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman
  28. I Will Take a Nap! by Mo Willems
  29. Otter in Space by Sam Garton
  30. A Dog is a Dog by Stephen Shaskan

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