How I Deal with Book Hangovers

This is honestly kind of a tough prompt for me, because I think the last time I had anything resembling a "book hangover" was in the aftermath of the seven hours I spent devouring the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and that was all the way back in 2007. And I'm not going to lie, 2007 wasn't exactly a big reading year for me; there was no next book on my plate at that point, only books that I might get around to reading eventually if I ever felt like it. Because while I was a reading addict in elementary and middle school, the transition between middle school and high school came with a severely reduced desire to read. It wasn't peer pressure or anything, and I certainly wasn't too busy for my former favorite hobby; mostly, I think I was just discovering new hobbies. Particularly, I had an Internet-connected computer for the first time ever around 2007, and between sites like Quizilla and games like The Sims, I had what I considered more important things to do than read. (Blasphemy, right?)

But nowadays... I still think I don't really read enough to experience book hangovers. Or perhaps more accurately, I don't read frequently enough to notice any difficulty getting into a new book after reading a particularly enjoyable one, and I just plain don't enjoy most of the books that I read enough to enter into any state that could remotely be described as a "book hangover"... unless you want to extend the definition to include the feeling you get after you've forced yourself to finish a book you absolutely hated. (I still have an issue with not DNFing books when I probably should.)

So I can't really say how I deal with book hangovers. I don't think I get them, really, if that's possible?

And given my reading schedule--I tend to binge after everyone's gone to sleep, and then I go to sleep myself after I finish reading--I think my real coping mechanism for moving on after a particular book ends is to literally go to sleep.

If I want to get rid of a cold, I sleep it off. If I want to get rid of a headache or a backache, I sleep it off. And if I want to get rid of a book hangover... well, I guess I sleep that off, too.

So what do you think? Am I completely misunderstanding what a book hangover is? Or am I not the only one who doesn't deal with this issue very often? And how do you deal? Let me know in the comments below!

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