[Mini Review] It by Stephen King

Welcome to Derry, Maine ...

It’s a small city, a place as hauntingly familiar as your own hometown. Only in Derry the haunting is real ...

They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they are grown-up men and women who have gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But none of them can withstand the force that has drawn them back to Derry to face the nightmare without an end, and the evil without a name.

After vaguely knowing the story of this for a long time and finally watching the two recent (2017/2019) films, I finally got around to reading this one (listening to the audiobook, technically, but there's no other way I would've found the time to read this behemoth novel!). And while there are some truly weird inclusions here (the weirdest of which--you know the scene--is actually better justified than I expected it to be, though still terribly uncomfortable to read), this book is also packed full of some of my favorite tropes (Eldritch abominations! cosmic horror! true companions!), and "Derry: The First Interlude" in particular earned an immediate place on my list of favorite chapters ever. (It's its own little horror story unto itself, and it's just phenomenal. More of that, please?)

I'll probably get around to writing a more coherent, substantive review of this later, but for now I'll just say that I really enjoyed it but fuck do I feel fatigued after finally finishing this 45 hour audiobook!

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