[Book Review] Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 1914

Award-winning author Carolyn Meyer introduces readers to the unforgettable Anastasia Romanov whose idyllic life is forever changed with the coming of World War I.

This book is as interesting and emotional as it is purely because the story of Anastasia Romanov is interesting and emotional. Meyer's decision to end the diary entries some time before Anastasia's death and switch to a nonfiction style for the epilogue entirely took the wind out of the story's sails. (And in the case of the audiobook, the narrator did her damnedest to make sure that it was impossible to take the story seriously anyway. Despite the story ending after Anastasia's seventeenth birthday, the narrator chose to speak with a flat, childlike intonation throughout the entire story, and it did Meyer's writing absolutely no favors.)

Unless your child really loves Anastasia, I would suggest trying a different historical fiction story of Meyer's. (I recall the Tudor ones being quite good.) As for adult readers, there's really nothing here for you unless you just want to whet your appetite for Romanov content; I know I for one have a sudden interest in adult-oriented Romanov-related historical fiction that wasn't present before I read this.

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