[Cover Characteristic] Bunnies and Rabbits

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Bunnies in the Bathroom by Ben M. Baglio

Mandy's new friend John has his heart set on buying two baby rabbits in the local pet shop. But before he has a chance, Barney and Button are gone. Mandy and James decide to get the bunnies back for John. But will they be able to find the new owner?

Bunny Bonanza by Ben M. Baglio

Mandy and James are excited to take part in a national fundraiser for animals. But how can they help? James has a great idea -- hold a gathering of pet rabbits. Owners can pay to join the group! But will there be enough members to make it a bunny bonanza?

Rabbits on the Run by Lucy Daniels

Farmer Sam Western is threatening to destroy the rabbits in a nearby warren, as they keep going onto his land to eat his crops. Mandy, James and their friend John Hardy are desperate to save the hungry rabbits. The question is, how? Then Mandy has a radical idea: relocate them. But will it work?

Bunny in a Basket by Ben M. Baglio

Mandy is thrilled to be staying at James's cousin Nadia's house for a week, and to hear that Nadia has a gorgeous lop-eared rabbit named Pixie. Pixie has entered a competition for the chance to be the model for a chocolate Easter bunny! But when Pixie suddenly falls ill, Mandy must use her veterinary experience to determine what's wrong with him. Can Mandy cure Pixie's mystery illness in time for the competition?

Bunny on a Barge by Lucy Daniels

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