[Book Review] The Invisible Island (A to Z Mysteries #9) by Ron Roy

It's a beautiful day for a picnic! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose pack up a basket and wade out to Squaw Island to eat and explore. Before they even spread their blanket, they find a hundred-dollar bill in the sand! But when the kids come back the next day, the entire island has mysteriously disappeared. What is the secret of Squaw Island?

The Invisible Island is the ninth book of Ron Roy's A to Z Mysteries series, and one of the last I read as a child. (I'm not actually sure where I stopped reading; at some point around I to K, I caught up to Roy's writing pace and grew out of the series long before he got to Z.)

As usual, it's a fun little mystery starring the three astoundingly competent, brave, and unsupervised young sleuths of Green Lawn, Dink Duncan, Josh Pinto, and Ruth Rose Hathaway. This particular mystery revolves around counterfeiters and once again sees the kids putting themselves in danger than even adult shouldn't be putting themselves into... but what's a kid's mystery series without some underplayed threats of kidnapping, death, and general danger?

In spite of my (relatively) facetious complaints, I love this series. This isn't my favorite book of the bunch, but it's worth a read for any child mystery fan. The setting is charming, the three main characters are endearing, and the mystery is just complex enough to keep a young mind guessing. Highly recommended to elementary school children and even younger kids who can handle chapter books.

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