2014 Bookish Resolutions

  1. Catch up on my ARCs. I have an ungodly amount of eARCs that I still need to read and/or review, so getting that finished needs to be my #1 priority over the next few weeks or months.
  2. Read at least fifty books I actually own. I read more of my own books last year than I realized (over thirty), but since I own over a thousand--most of which are unread--that's just not going to cut it. I really need to improve my reading habits in this aspect.
  3. Finish Sparrow, the writing project I started for NaNoWriMo 2013. I want to finish it before NaNo 2014 rolls around so that I can move on to the next project without unnecessarily dividing my attention or abandoning Sparrow.
  4. Write a cumulative minimum of 350,000 words, including book reviews, miscellaneous blog posts, and fiction.
  5. Read at least 200 books. I was terrible about reading in 2013, failing miserably at my original goal of 600+ books and ultimately reading only 194.
  6. Comment on other book blogs.
  7. Empty out my Pocket. I have thousands of unread articles and unwatched videos stored in there, and I'm adding more every day. It's unbelievable. 
  8. Publish a post to Amara's Eden every weekday.
  9. Procrastinate less when it comes to reviewing. I used to be really good about this, but as 2013 wore on, I started lapsing. Now, I tend to wait a few days or weeks before reviewing what I read; I take notes while I'm reading so I won't forget my thoughts and/or the book's contents, and come back to those later. And while I do appreciate that the procrastion caused me to develop that note-taking habit, I think it significantly changes the tone of the review that results. I'd much prefer to read and review in more rapid succession!
  10. Procrastinate less when it comes to reading. I have never been good about this. When I check a book out from the library, it often ends up sitting unread on my desk until it's due back. When I request an eARC, it often ends up sitting on my Kindle for a few weeks or longer--or much longer--before I get around to it. When I buy a book... well, who knows when I'll get around to it. So I'd like to institute some kind of personal deadline, I think. Perhaps a casual rule that every book I get must be read within thirty days?

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