The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled by Anne Capeci

The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled (Scholastic Reader)The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled by Anne Capeci

My rating: ★★★☆☆

The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled is a Level 2 Scholastic Reader, featuring "vocabulary and sentence length for beginning readers". It features the characters from the award-winning 90's television program The Magic School Bus and endeavors to teach children about recycling. It particularly focuses on the sorting of materials at recycling plants and the process through which paper is recycled.

In The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled, Ms. Frizzle's class is recycling their school's used bottles, paper, and other recyclable refuse when Phoebe realizes that she's lost the necklace her grandmother gave her. So the class heads off to the recycling to search for it; as they do so, Anne Capeci presents illustrations and factoids that teach the concept of recycling, the various processes that plants use to sort recyclable materials, and the process that recycled paper must go through in order to be used again.

The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the idea of recycling and might even be enlightening to those parents who don't know much about the subject themselves. As such, I highly recommend it to parents reading to their toddlers or children in the early stages of learning to read; it should be particularly entertaining to fans of the Magic School Bus franchise and particularly useful to those interested in learning or teaching their children about recycles processes. It would also serve as a great companion to The Magic School Bus Holiday Special*, an episode of the television show that explores the importance of recycling and guest stars Dolly Parton as "Murph", a recycling center employee.

*And it is genuinely a holiday special, not just a Christmas special by another name; Christmas plays a minor role in Wanda's plotline, and Arnold's subplot revolves around Hanukkah. At the very end, the cast wishes the viewers a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and happy Kwanzaa.

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