The GR Shelf Challenge: An Update

If you've been following the blog or know me from Goodreads, you may recall my efforts toward my self-imposed Goodreads shelf challenge, in which I endeavor to read the top book of one GR shelf every month.

As I've been doing so for the past few months, I've run into one little hitch: the GR shelves move around more than I expected.

Before I started I certainly knew the shelves moved around, but I did not realize they'd been quite as dynamic as they are. And their shifting has caused me a bit of confusion.

For example, my initial plan had my reading order as: To Read Shelf → Currently Reading Shelf → Fiction Shelf → Favorites Shelf

But thanks to the shifting that's occurred since October, I ended up reading To Read → Currently Reading → Favorites → Fiction without even realizing my mistake.

So with this post, I'm going to put down a firm order for the next bunch of shelves (the first column of GR shelves from this page, to be exact). Regardless of how the shelves shift over the next fear months/years, I'll be reading in the following order:

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