A Spy in the White House (Capital Mysteries, #4) by Ron Roy

A Spy in the White House (Capital Mysteries, #4)A Spy in the White House by Ron Roy

My rating: ★★★☆☆

With A Spy in the White House, the Capital Mysteries series hasn't quite established itself yet, but it's getting there. In the story, KC Corcoran, the soon-to-be First Daughter, and her friend Marshall are getting ready for the president's wedding when they realize there's a spy releasing secret wedding details to the press.

With the plot keeping KC and Marshall around the White House, there isn't much in the way  of introducing the capital to children, but it's a solid, child-level mystery; Ron Roy's back into the swing of things, and I'm very relieved to say goodbye to the out-of-place science fiction (the remnants of which have mysteriously disappeared to never be discussed again).

I don't love this series the way I loved the A to Z Mysteries series, but Capital Mysteries is coming into its own with steady improvement. Here's hoping Ron Roy keeps it up!

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