[Book Review] Shrek the Third: The Movie Storybook by Alice Cameron

Let me start by saying that I only watched Shrek the Third once, I found it to be quite disappointing after the sheer awesomeness of both Shrek and Shrek 2, and I don't remember much about the plot. (And after the disappointment of Shrek the Third, I never watched Shrek Forever After.) So if there are inaccuracies or altered plot points in this book, I'm definitely not equipped to spot them.

On the other hand, reading this was enough to at least get me thinking about giving Shrek the Third another try. I very much appreciate getting to see the various fairy tale princesses--Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, etcetera--drop the damsel in distress bit in favor of some butt-kicking with the help of the definitely-not-conventionally-attractive Ugly Stepsister (not to mention Julie Andrews' queen!)

I'm still definitely not a big fan of where the Shrek canon went as a whole, from what happened to Charming after 2 to the introduction of King Arthur... but perhaps I'll give it another watch soon.

In any case, Shrek the Third: The Movie Storybook seems to be a reasonably comprehensive--as far as I can recall--retelling of the film. Fans of the Shrek franchise should enjoy it, though, as usual, I recommend watching the movie first.

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