[Book Review] Berenstains' A Book by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Berenstains' A Book asks the tough questions in life: Why do angry ants advance across an apple, an acorn, an apricot, an ax, an angleworm, an alligator, Aunt Alice's airplane, Avenue A, ape's apartments, and all Arizona? Here's a hint: it's another "a" word!

Essentially, the idea of the A Book is to familiarize your child with the letter A by repeating words that start with "a" until the letter is thoroughly bashed into his or her brain. All but two words of this story--"why" and "do"--begin with A.

It's ideal for children who are only just being introduced to the alphabet, and the Berenstains' other two letter books--The Berenstain's B Book and The Berenstains' C Book (aka C is for Clown)--would be great complements.

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