[Book Review] The Runaway Racehorse (A to Z Mysteries, #18) by Ron Roy

And they're off! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are excited to see Uncle Warren's new racehorse, Whirlaway, in action. But the night before the big race, the horse disappears! He shows up the next day, just in time to lose the race. Why is Whirlaway suddenly so slow? Can the kids figure it out--or is Whirlaway out of the winner's circle for good?

Once again, the A to Z Mysteries kids are visiting Dink's Uncle Warren in New York state. This time, they're off to Saratoga Springs to watch Warren's new horse, Whirlaway, race. But before the horse gets a chance to compete, he goes missing... and then mysteriously returns, having manifested a sudden fear of his jockey. So what's up?

It's a simple mystery for children; rather than setting up a series of clues for readers to dissect, as mysteries for slightly older audiences will, Roy introduces his mystery, then a clue or two, and then lets his protagonists unravel the mystery with an epiphany and a Chekhov's gun. It's a quick, fun way to introduce children to the genre, and (as I'm sure you can tell), I have some serious nostalgia for the series. I highly recommend it to any parents or teachers interested in getting their young kids started on mysteries.

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