[Book Review] The Missing Mummy (A to Z Mysteries, #13) by Ron Roy

It's Mummy Monday at the museum, and Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are going to see a new Egyptian exhibit. It features a child mummy in an actual tomb! But then the mummy is stolen and the tomb is robbed of its treasure. Can Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose unravel the mystery and return the mummy to its rightful resting place?

The Missing Mummy once again finds Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose in a mystery far above their pay grade that's packing way too much danger for a trio of prepubescents. Regardless, they're ready to get to the bottom of things when a mysterious woman steals a priceless, mummified child from the Wadsworth Museum in Hartford, Connecticut. But that mystery is wrapped up almost as soon as it begins; Ruth Rose stumbles upon the ancient corpse before they've even started looking for it... and that brings up a smaller mystery: what was the woman doing, if she wasn't actually trying to remove the mummy from the museum? The children's investigation of this question leads them to the main mystery of the plot; when they go to check out the replica tomb for clues, they witness a pair of thieves bomb their way through the wall and make off with the artifacts. (Unsurprisingly for this series, no one prevents these children from investigating, in spite of the fact that they have already come into dangerously close contact with a freakin' bomb.)

Besides the child endangerment issues, it's, as usual, an entertaining mystery starring the three Green Lawn supersleuths. It's nothing super mind-blowing, and it's definitely not groundbreaking, but it is a fun read that should have just enough foreshadowing and clues to surprise the target audience without making it an agonizingly obvious read for adults and older children. I highly recommend it and the rest of the series, as always.

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