The 2013 Blood List: My Thoughts

I recently started following on Feedly, and it's introduced me to something fairly awesome that I'd never heard of before: the "Black List", a list of the best unproduced screenplays of the year (according to film execs who've read them). It's pretty fascinating, and you can check it out here.

But as I Googled one of the entries that caught my eye--Ink and Bone by Zak Olkewicz--I stumbled across an even better list: "The Blood List", which takes the idea of the Black List and applies it to horror. Awesome much? You can check out the list here, and here's what I thought of the thirteen screenplays listed.
Ink and Bone
✓ A male and a female protagonist...
✗ ...neither of whom are mentioned as being married/attached, so they'll likely be each other's love interests.
✓ But I love the "an author's creations come to life" trope.
The Autopsy of Jane Doe
✗ No mention of a (living) female character. Somehow I get the feeling this film wouldn't pass the Bechdel test.
✗ ...there's not really any other information on this one. "Mysterious and terrifying" how? A serial killer? A conspiracy? Cthulhu? Give me something to work with!
✗ Again, probably not a movie that's going to pass the Bechdel test. (Is it too much to hope for one of the marines being female? I imagine so.)
✓ "Deadly and demonic" sounds like something I'd enjoy, though.
 There Are Monsters
✗ Lame title is lame.
✓A horror movie staring a mother-daughter duo? Gimme, gimme! I'll watch the shit out of that.
✗ ...I get a bit of a bad vibe from the mother-daughter horror movie apparently being about "find[ing] the courage to face the beast". Somehow I don't think that father-son movie up above is going to have that same element...
 Patient Zero
✗ Can we be done with zombies? Please? They're just as annoying as vampires now.
✓On the other hand, it hints at an alternate take on zombies that could be really interesting. It'd be great if we could see some of those I Am Legend themes that the 2007 movie disgarded.
 Family Vacation
✗ ...what exactly is new about this plot? That they're on a road trip? Ooh, how inventive!
✓Female-led science fiction story! *dances*
✗ ...but is it a women's prison or a men's prison? Like it or not, I imagine that'll have a huge affect on the way the plot works.
 On Your Doorstep
✓ Female lead
✗ I'm not a big fan of the "MC is better at investigating than professional investigators!" trope. (If she was a P.I. instead of just a journalist, I'd be all over that!)
✓ Female lead
✗ The mother's the antagonist, I think?
✓ I am quite intrigued, though. Lots of possibilities as to what the "sinister truth" could be. A Haunting of Molly Hartley-type deal? Maybe mom's a monster of some kind? A more sinister Freaky Friday tale? Tell me more!
 All the Good Ones Get Away
✗ There's just not enough here to tell if it's something I'd be interested in or not. Is it just another The Strangers? Or is one of the lovers the villain?
 ✗ Again, that sentence tells me practically nothing. It's sci-fi and there's a time-travel element... but what's it actually about? Preventing a murder? Unraveling a conspiracy? Repairing a relationship?
✗ It sounds like the (adult) woman's going to be depicted as the victim of her teacher/student pedophilia. I mean, the whole "predator becomes prey" idea is cool... but I fear the teacher isn't going to be properly portrayed as a predator, even at the beginning.
✗ I have no idea what 12 Monkeys is about, so that's not the most helpful comparison ever.
✓ A female lead and a male lead (who will hopefully not become romantic interests
✗ It's an interesting premise, but with these kinds of movies, it's kind of obvious how things are going to work out. There's going to be half a movie of "Is it real or not?", and of course it's going to turn out to be real.

So, what do you think about the Blood List?

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