[Book Review] Franklin's Christmas Gift by Paulette Bourgeois

In Franklin's Christmas Gift, Franklin's entire class is donating new and used toys to needy children. At first, Franklin can't decide which of his toys to donate; everything's so special to him that he can't imagine parting with any one of them! But when he learns that these children might not get more than a single present each on Christmas, he realizes that he needs to make his donation count.

Every time I read one of these Franklin books, I ask myself again why I don't read more of them. They really are incredibly endearing and teach non-cliched morals that I actually agree with; the moral here in particular is downright enchanting. While the obvious way to describe it is "a lesson in generosity," the nuance of it is so much more than that; rather than simply showing Franklin enjoy the act of sharing with another person, Franklin's Christmas Gift goes out of its way to point out another--perhaps more important, one could argue--aspect of holiday charity: that a seemingly insignificant donation might not seem so insignificant to the person who receives it.

I highly recommend Franklin's Christmas Gift to anyone in need of a good holiday read for a young child.

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