A few minutes ago, I was catching up on the long, long list of post I've accumulated in my Feedly since I cleared it out yesterday, and one in particular caught my eye. What is this BookBlogWriMo thing, I asked myself, and I certainly couldn't deny myself the answer.

BookBlogWriMo is, as the name implies, a book blogging event inspired by National Novel Writing Month, alternately known as NaNoWriMo. I'm participating in that event this month, as I have every November since 2010, and I have to say that I'm quite the sucker for events like this. I also do Camp NaNoWriMo twice a year (though I aim for 30,000 word goal instead of 50,000), and I've experimented with events that challenge participants to write a poem every day in a given month, write a certain number of words digitally in a given month, write a million words in a year, etcetera. So BookBlogWriMo sounded right up my alley from the title alone.

BookBlogWriMo is a challenge to post something about a particular prompt for every day of the month of November. To the left of this paragraph, you can see the #BookBlogWriMo schedule, created by the event's host, Brittany of Book Bumblings.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover this challenge until the day after it began, so I can't technically win it. I'm still going to participate, though, and I certainly hope nobody bites my head off for backdating yesterday's prompted post! Even if I can't "win" it, it still seems like a great way to encourage myself to post here and have some fun with the blog this month.

If you're interested in finding out more about the event, check it out here at Book Bumblings.

My BookBlogWriMo posts can be found here, with new links added as the posts go live!
  1. A History of Amara's Eden
  2. How I Read
  3. Where I Read
  4. Why I Blog
  5. Where I Blog
  6. #TBT - Favorite Childhood Books
  7. #FlashbackFriday - My Blog's First Design
  8. My Blogging Toolkit
  9. My Blogging Workflow
  10. Memes I Meme
  11. #Top10Tuesday - My Most Popular Posts
  12. My Advice for Newbie Bloggers
  13. My Review Process
  14. My Ratings System
  15. My Favorite Book Blogging Things
  16. My Least Favorite Book Blogging Things
  17. My Favorite Book Tropes
  18. My Favorite Subgenres
  19. #WaitingOnWednesday - TBR Books
  20. #TBT - Best Books I Read In 2014
  21. #FlashbackFriday - My First Reviews
  22. #ShowMeYourShelves
  23. My Book Boyfriend Criteria
  24. Reading Cave Fantasies
  25. How I Deal with Book Hangovers
  26. Cheating on Books: TV & Movies (and Games!)
  27. Authors You're Thankful For
  28. Book Pet Peeves
  29. The Future of Amara's Eden
  30. #BookBlogWriMo Wrap Up

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