2015 Mount TBR Reading Challenge: I'm In!

A lot of book lovers say you can never own too many books. They haven't seen my bedroom.

Counting physical books alone, I own over 1700 books. They're everywhere; I have two large bookshelves that aren't enough to contain even half of my collection, so there are boxes of books under my bed, bins of books in my closet, and a pile of paperbacks beside my nightstand. I am drowning in books.

Distressingly, I'm nowhere near as on top of all the reading these books require. Reading is only one of my hobbies, and I phase in and out of reading moods suddenly, seemingly randomly, and for extended periods of time. I read a lot in 2011 and even more in 2012. But my stats fell in 2013, and now they're even worse as of 2014. I've only read 89 books this year, and when you're staring at a collection of unread books that threatens to consume your living space, 89 books just isn't going to cut it.

The worst of the problem, then, is that of those 89 books, damn near none of them were books I actually own. There's a lot of library books mixed in there and some ARCs, but my owned TBR pile has languished for quite some time--and I can't seem to stop myself from adding to it!

I'm hoping the 2015 Mount TBR Reading Challenge, hosted by Bev of My Reader's Block, can help me with that particular character flaw. I'm officially signing up for Pike's Peak, the challenge's "Level 1". It has the low goal of twelve owned books a year--shamefully more than I think I've read in 2014--and while that certainly won't even make a visible dent in my TBR piles, hopefully it'll be enough to kick me into gear with reading books I actually own. And if it doesn't... well, twelve is better than none, right?

13 / 12 (108.33%)
  1. Santa Paws by Nicholas Edwards
  2. Zora and Me by Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon
  3. The Cat Who Came for Christmas by Cleveland Amory
  4. Nikki & Deja by Karen English
  5. Scared to Death by Jahnna N. Malcolm
  6. The Magic Spell (My Secret Unicorn, #1) by Linda Chapman
  7. Dreams Come True (My Secret Unicorn, #2)  by Linda Champman
  8. Flying High (My Secret Unicorn, #3) by Linda Chapman
  9. Starlight Surprise (My Secret Unicorn, #4) by Linda Chapman
  10. Stronger Than Magic (My Secret Unicorn, #5) by Linda Chapman
  11. A Special Friend (My Secret Unicorn, #6) by Linda Chapman
  12. A Winter Wish (My Secret Unicorn, #7) by Linda Chapman
  13. Boy-Crazy Stacey (The Baby-Sitters Club, #8) by Ann M. Martin

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