The Magic School Bus Weathers The Storm by Kristin Earhart

CRASH! BOOM! FLASH! There are stormy skies ahead for Ms. Frizzle and her class. What happens when the Magic School Bus turns into a weather balloon? Take off with the Magic School Bus and learn all about what happens during a thunderstorm.

The Magic School Bus Weathers the Storm is based on the Magic School Bus series of books from Joanna Cole and stars the characters of the award-winning Magic School Bus television show.

In the book, Ms. Frizzle's class of eight students is struggling in the oppressive heat of Walkerville. Their lesson for the day is weather, and Tim wishes it would rain. This is all Ms. Frizzle needs to announce a new field trip.

As the class learns about storms, the magic of their school bus lets them become part of one. They learn about air temperature, storm clouds, lightning, thunder, and rain before the storm ends and they return to school.

It isn't the most in-depth lesson on storms, so while I would recommend the book to fans of the Magic School Bus series, I'd advise complementing it with a viewing of the television episode, "Kicks Up a Storm". It's very similar, and while it's certainly not the best episode of the series, I believe it covers the territory a bit better than this book.

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