The Magic School Bus Lost in the Snow by Joanna Cole

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Snow  (Scholastic Reader, Level 2)The Magic School Bus Lost in the Snow by Joanna Cole

My rating: ★★☆☆☆

Lost in the Snow is a Level 2 Scholastic Reader (featuring "vocabulary and sentence length for beginning readers) that ties in to the Magic School Bus television show (and the books upon which it was based). In it, Ms. Frizzle and her familiar class of eight students--Arnold, Keisha, Wanda, Tim, Ralphie, Dorothy Ann, Phoebe, and Carlos--learn about snow.

Compared to other books in this series, there isn't much information presented, mostly because snow is a far simpler subject than, say, the paleontology and the connect between dinosaurs and birds. It's still a short, educational read suited toward young children, though, so I'd recommend it to anyone with with toddlers, especially those who are about to see (or play in!) their first snowfall.

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