[Book Review] Disney Princess: Sweet and Spooky Halloween by Melissa Lagonegro

Carve pumpkins, wear silly costumes, and tell creepy stories with the Disney Princesses as they celebrate everything sweet and spooky about Halloween!

Sweet and Spooky Halloween is a picture book tie-in to the Disney Princess Franchise, featuring Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White as they engage in various Halloween preparations and festivities.

Young fans of the princesses can read about Cinderella and her mouse friends picking out pumpkins and making jack-o'-lanterns, Aurora and her trio of fairy companions preparing costumes, Snow White and the dwarfs bobbing for apples, Belle reading scary stories to the Beast and his enchanted furniture/staff, and and Ariel and Flounder dressing up in creepy costumes.

It's a great reading opportunity for the Disney Princess obsessed child in your life, so I definitely recommend it to fans of the franchise.

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