Podcasts for Halloween

If you're looking for something to listen to this October, here's a list of the episodes of some of my favorite podcasts that lend themselves to the Halloween spirit. And, yes, everything listed below is completely free to download and/or listen.

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know is a video podcast from How Stuff Works.
From dinosaurs to the CIA, it seems that no topic is safe from conspiracy theories. Learn from the skeptics of Stuff They Don't Want You to Know in these videos.
Episodes are approximately three minutes long, and a new one is released every few days. Recent topics include front companies, the Ark of the Covenant, and RAF Menwith Hill.

Stuff Mom Never Told You is How Stuff Works's gender studies podcast. While such a topic doesn't come a plethora of subjects that lend themselves to Halloween, episodes "Why do we think of witches as women?" and "What's with racy Halloween costumes?" are worth a listen.

Stuff From the Science Lab, later retitled Stuff to Blow Your Mind, is a How Stuff Works podcast focusing on scientific topics such as robotics, space exploration, and the like. The episode "Into the Graveyard" is specifically themed as a Halloween episode:
Many people find graveyards creepy, but what makes them so unsettling and spooky? In this special Halloween episode, Robert and Allison take you into the graveyard as they explore our cultural fears about cemetaries and share a little graveyard science.
Stuff You Missed in History Class is, obviously enough, How Stuff Works's history podcast. Their Halloweenish episodes include:
Perhaps the most famous podcast from How Stuff Works is Stuff You Should Know. As of early 2013, it became a television show in addition to continuing on as a podcast. Episodes that fit the Halloween them are:
Lastly--and I wasn't sure I was going to include this--is The Last Podcast on the Left from Cave Comedy Radio. Why wasn't I going to include it? Well, it's definitely not for everyone. Fair warning: the humor references and satirizes racial/ethnic, national/regional, sexual/gender, etcetera stereotypes (i.e., some listeners may find the humor insensitive rather than funny) and the topics and jokes are sometimes sexually explicit and graphically violent or disturbing (e.g., the episodes about internet fetish sites, real 911 calls, etcetera). Allow me to repeat that this podcast is definitely not for everyone.

That said, the whole podcast is suited toward Halloween listening, and during October 2013, the hosts plan on releasing episodes full of creepypasta and scary stories from fans. They also have five such previous episodes, which include Creepypasta!, A Smattering of Creepy50th Episode Halloween Spooky Story Extravaganza!, Creepypasta 3: The Hamburgering, and Creepypasta 4: Then Who Was Phone?. Those and more can be streamed to here or downloaded via iTunes. New episodes are released every Wednesday.

Do you have any Halloween podcast recommendations? Let me know below!

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