[Book Review] Caroline's Secret Message (American Girls: Caroline, #2) by Kathleen Ernst

When Mama isn’t allowed to see Papa, it’s up to Caroline to pass a secret message to him—right under the nose of a British guard. Caroline hopes desperately that Papa will be able to use the information to escape. But can she get the message to him? And even if she does, will Papa understand it?

In Caroline's Secret Message, Caroline Abbot is preparing for a what's expected to be a long, hard winter, and after an entire summer has passed, her father is still being held captive by the British. As she struggles to come to terms with the fact that he's probably going to miss her tenth birthday and might even be gone for years, she and her mother devise a plan to help him get back to America.

The second book in the American Girls: Caroline series, Caroline's Secret Message is a worthwhile read for fans of children's historical fiction and the American Girls franchise; unlike many war-related books, it endeavors to present the individuals on both sides as humans capable of sympathy and kindness. And, via Caroline's relationship with her captive father, it presents the emotions a child must struggle with when their parent or other close relative is separated from them by a war--something with which many children in the target age group can sympathize.

Like all of the American Girls books, I recommend it to young readers and their parents interested in historical fiction or the War or 1812, as well as fans of children's literature and/or the American Girls franchise.

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