[Book Review] The Art Contest: No Cheating Allowed! by Steven Banks

The Art Contest: No Cheating Allowed!The Art Contest: No Cheating Allowed! by Steven Banks
My rating: ★★☆☆☆

There's not really much to say about this one other than to point out that this tie-in picture book might have the Spongebob characters, but has a poorly explained moral instead of any typical Spongebob humor.

So how about a .gif summary instead?

Squidward's life sucks. He has a dead-end job, unbelievably obnoxious neighbors, and everyone in town seems to hate him.

But he fancies himself an unappreciated creative genius.

So he wants to join the Bikini Bottom Art Society. To join, he'll need to win their art contest. Too bad Squilliam's one of the judges.

Squidward's idea of genius art isn't exactly the same as Squilliam's.

But Spongebob can make masterpieces without any effort at all.

And he'd do anything for Squidward.

So Squidward uses one of Spongebob's paintings to win the contest.

And he pulls off the scam right up until Spongebob spills the beans.

Except, it turns out that everyone in the club cheated to get in, including Squilliam.

And since Spongebob is clearly the only one who deserves to be in the club, he disbands it to start a club they can all be in. A bubble-blowing club.

The End.

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