What's Next? The Barn, Barn Burner, or Belle Teal?

What's Next? is a weekly book blog meme (formerly?) hoested by IceyBooks.

Barn Burner by Patricia Willis

"Go on. Get out of my sight." His mother's words echo in Ross's head.

He didn't know why she was so angry, he only knew that she meant what she said. So Ross took to the road. But it's 1933--the time of the Great Depression--and there is very little work to be found.

Ross finds shelter for the night in a barn, but he is awakened by bushels of blazing hay and must run for his life. Things only get worse when he is spotted hurrying from the fire. The police think that Ross is responsible for the crime, and they're searching the county for him!

So he's on the run again. And if he wants to clear his good name, he'll have to solve the mystery, too. Ross must find the real barn burner before the police find him...

The Barn by Avi

The schoolmaster says nine-year-old Benjamin is the finest student he's ever seen--fit for more than farming; destined for great things someday. But his father's grave illness brings Ben home from school and compels him to strive for something great right now--to do the one thing that will please Father so much he'll want to live. But first Ben must convince his older sister and brother to work with him.
And together, they succeed in ways they never dreamed possible.

Belle Teal by Ann M. Martin

Belle Teal Harper is used to going without. She lives with her mother and grandmother far out in the country. Her fifth-grade back-to-school outfit is here fourth-grade dress. Still, Belle Teal feels rich with the love of her family and her best friends, Clarice and Little Boss.

But as school begins, Belle Teal faces unexpected challenges. Gran's memory is slipping away. Mama works longer hours to support the family. Little Boss's troubled relationship with his father, Big Boss, is pushing him to extremes. And there are two new students in Belle Teal's class: a shy African-American boy caught in the town's furor over desegregation, and a girl whose outward confidence belies the secret she holds close.

What should I read next?
Barn Burner
The Barn
Belle Teal

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